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We offer a variety of services for employers that need to provide care to their employees that are hurt, injured, or sick. Our goal is to take care of your employee’s immediate need and help them return to work as quickly, efficiently, and safely as possible! We also provide pre-employment and employment physicals and screenings along with urine drug screening. Call today to set up an employer account and discuss our flexible payment options that will be a good fit your business with our Clerical Coordinator, Keshia White.
Make NO Emergency Department Visits a company policy UNLESS the injury is life threatening or severe.

In the unfortunate event that one of your employees sustains a debilitating injury on the job, the first concern for everybody involved should be to get the person treatment. Worrying about costs at a time like this can seem a tad out-of touch, but when the emergency room is inevitably brought up as a care option, management might have a responsibility to shut it down.

Unless your employees sustain life-threatening or very complex injuries, the ER simply isn’t the place to go. The ER has long lines, is typically short staffed, and the wait time can be extremely long until your employee is actually cared for. Long lines and short-staffed departments force your workers to wait in pain for upwards of several hours, and when they finally do get treated, the costs might be high enough to break your budget.

ERgent Med won’t leave your business or your employees out to dry.

ERgent Med specializes in treating the mild to moderate injuries that are so common in industries that sustain high injury rates. Whether it’s broken bones, lacerations or cuts, stress fractures, joint pain, back injuries, muscle sprains or strains, fall assessments, or anything in between, ERgent Med’s experienced staff will get your employees out of pain and give them a care plan program to get them back on their feet and on the job as soon as possible. In the meantime, ERgent Med can also modified work activities that your employees can do on the job while recovering to full job activity.

Managing workers’ comp shouldn’t be difficult for Employers and getting the care for your employees that they deserve so they can get back on the job quickly shouldn’t be difficult either.  ERgent Med helps keep down costs while getting your employees back on their feet.

Meeting Today’s Workplace Needs

Each of our locations offers employers:


ERgent Med offers DOT exams for commercial vehicle operators, appointments or walk-ins available on request, call our offices to insure that a certified examiner is available on your day of choice. We can perform exams and assessments to NRCME standards during business hours. If you have any pertinent documentation needed from your primary care provider or specialist, please bring these with you to your appointment. Schedule an appointment with our certified DOT provider $150. We offer DOT screening scheduled visits on a weekly basis so you should always be able to get in for an appointment. Call today to schedule.



ERgent Med clinics keep employee injuries and workers’ comp from exhausting and delaying your business.

If you need accurate and efficient care for your employees and your business needs an affordable way to give it to them, ERgent Med is the solution!

When an employee is injured or hurts him or herself on the job, it put everyone in a tough situation: The worker can’t do the job they were hired for, and the business owner must find a way to pay for their care or the workers’ comp claims (and these claims can often be incredibly expensive). Situations like this can even turn the employees against the business managers or owners, but it DOESN’T have to be like that!



Walk in physical anytime for $125.


We offer an instant 11 panel urine drug screening test on site, with immediate results. If necessary, we can easily send out for confirmatory testing as well. $50

We can administer the PPD in our office and easily have employee to return in 48-72 hours for a read and confirmation since we are open 6 days a week! $50 walk in anytime!
We can perform blood draw in office for a simple send off lab test to confirm if employees have appropriate immunization status for Hepatitis B and also to screen for Hepatitis C if your industry requires this.
Happy worker after DOT physical

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*If this is an emergency, please dial 911 immediately!

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